Friday, December 30, 2011

Kohler Vanity Sinks 2211,2210,2209

Having trouble figuring out what vanity sink to put in you bathroom cabinet ? You might find it a big challenge to figure out what size sink fits into what size cabinet. If you are looking for an oval sink then this is pretty easy. If you have a 24" deep sink cab then the 2211 is for you. 2210 fight in a 21" cabinet and a 2209 fits in a 19" cabinet. I am talking about overall size of the cabinet.

Some loose guide lines to remember when looking for a sink. If you have a 24" deep cabinet then you don't want a sink that is larger then 17 1/2 front to back over all. 21" cabinet you don't want more then 16 1/2 & for a 19" cab 14 1/2" is ideal.  Also take in consideration the thickness of your backsplash and faucet.  If you remember these guide line then you will be safe buying the sink that you desire.

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